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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as an established security and up keeping agency working over a decade in the field of security coverage.

We are a Jharkhand based old security services & Facility management Company, serving since 2011 with dedicated team of professionals and  combined knowledge of the security industries.

Our services are comprising of an effective customized security plan as per need of client, that help us to perform the best.

Our services is available round the clock in our all prestigious Sites to provide safe and hassle free environment for every walk in with proper identification.

About us History
About us History 2

In Ranchi we are providing our security services with more than 300 security personnel at various sites, and every day the performance of each and every security personnel is being evaluated with multi-layer organizational setup.

We normally make our  action plans with the  requirement of clients and  we will work together and framed more appropriate program and SOP with advice and need.

Our  facilities are  designed to develop an effective security plan as per  Site requirement, and accordingly  deployment  of Security  Officer, Assistant Security Officer, Supervisor, Armed Guard and Unarmed Guard are made  to perform the duties in professional manner.

We recruit the security personnel after  character and antecedent verification from the competent authority to confirm their blemish free record. Since the term “ Security” our training team will encompasses specialized training to take care and abide procedures and a systems of  industries as per the SOP finalize, this include updating and self-correction to ensure safety and security of the property of our valuable clients.

As human ingenuity grows and knowledge increase  “the problem and solution becomes more complex”, for handling this Refresher training is also imparted in the unit at the place of deployment itself, 

Executives of the company carry out checks and make surprise visit at odd hours, that include Patrolling during night house within facilities, Conduct Fire Drills,  Maintain Communication &  distribution system.

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