A Complete Security Service Provider & Facility Management Company

Our aim is to set new standards of quality and service in accordance with the rising demands of the industry with respect to the varying security scenario.


Our History: Rohit Security Services

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as an established security and up keeping agency working over a decade in the field of security coverage.

We are a Jharkhand based old security services & Facility management Company, serving since 2011 with dedicated team of professionals and  combined knowledge of the security industries.

Our services are comprising of an effective customized security plan as per need of client, that help us to perform the best.

Our services is available round the clock in our all prestigious Sites to provide safe and hassle free environment for every walk in with proper identification.

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Our Services

We offer our Clients with services of rugorously trained body guards for personal protection. Also We do provide Security Guards to the below mentioned Industries.

Security access control and accountability a fundamental in providing a safe and secure environment for employees, we will help you meet your security need for offices and corporate.

Personal Security Guards are provided to those who need security for themselves. We are fully commited to being Total Quality service, which is benchmarked by providing professionally trained Guards.

We provide smartly uniformed, professionally trained and well-supervised officers who responsible for security and safety of assets, personnel and property against loss due to theft, pilferage, instrusion, or an accident.

For our client, event organisers, governments and business, our solutions provide better security, at reduces cost. For customers, that means improved experiences and the chance to enjoy their leisure and recreation in safer and more secure environments.

We offer professional security and facility solutions to the education community without compromising critical service. School, College and University campuses require set of security and safety solutions that balance individualized needs.

We ensure the security of key assets-people, property, product and reputation of the premises. Retail businesss and commercial real estate ventures to have Safe and Secure Environment.


What We Believe

Our aim is to set new standards of quality and service in accordance with the rising demands of the industry with respect to the varying security scenario.

What We Believe


The training is provided as per the needs of the industry in the commercial sector. The commercial segment includes Malls/Commercial Complexs.


Core Values

“Our objective is to develop Rohit Security Services (P) Ltd, into most effective, independent comprehensive security solutions provider in Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa, providing exemplary quality at an affordable price. To deliver effective, high standard security services. To base service on the needs of our clients. To abide by these principles and promise our best service at all time.”

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We do Provide


There is a budding demand for female security personnel’s in every sector today. They are playing a very important role. They are as skilled as the male Security Guards. So Having Female Security Guards is very Important to ensure safety of Womens working in your Workplace.

Why Should you choose us ?

Unparalleled Security Solutions: Experience the Power of our Guard Services

Trained Professionals

Skilled and experienced male and female security guards.

Reliable Protection

Dependable security services for your peace of mind.

Tailored Solutions

Customized security plans to meet your specific needs.

24/7 Surveillance

Round-the-clock monitoring and protection for your premises.

Swift Response

Immediate action in case of emergencies or security breaches.

Proactive Approach

Anticipating potential threats and taking preemptive measures.

24/7 Customer Service

Friendly and responsive staff for all your inquiries.

Advanced Technology

Utilizing cutting-edge security systems and equipment.

Access Control

Ensuring authorized entry and restricting unauthorized access.

Mobile Patrols

Regular patrols to maintain a visible security presence.

Event Security

Specialized guards to safeguard your events and gatherings.

Confidentiality Assurance

Strict adherence to privacy and confidentiality policies.


Safety with Respect for All.

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